Miniature of the Week – Battletech Throwdown

That Atlas on the left is definitely king of the hill.

That Atlas on the left is definitely king of the hill.

It’s the first ever Robot Viking Miniature of the Week! Click through to see the rest of the image, a stunning Battletech tableau from the Origins Game Fair in 2005. Plus, find out how your miniatures could be featured here.

Clikc the image for full-size.

Click the image for full-size.

I’m not sure how they tracked movement and range without any hexes on that hillside, but the buildings, military installation and elevation changes make for a very dynamic (and aesthetically pleasing) battlefield. I count four different ‘mech factions – must have been a bloodbath.

If you’d like to see your miniatures featured here, just send a photo at the highest resolution available to Make sure to include some info about when and where the photo was taken, who made and painted the miniature(s) or terrain, and something about the game being played if it’s an in-game shot. The photo needs to be one you took yourself, and you need to give us permission to display the photo at Robot Viking.

As for the subject matter, as long as the photo includes a gaming-related miniature, it’s fair game. It could be a 10mm Dwarven barbarian you worked hours painting, a killer repaint of your entire MechWarrior assault lance, a detailed Flames of War terrain setup with historically accurate tank regiments, or the massive Warhammer 40k battle you and your buddies played last weekend.