Magic iGoogle Themes Put Planeswalkers On Your Start Page

January 14th, 2009 by Ed Grabianowski

capture1Sure, you could have cute little fishes or clouds or whatever on your iGoogle start page. Orrrrrrrrrr, you could have a crazy gothic spellcaster like Liliana Vess as your iGoogle theme. Your call.

Along with Gmail, gadgets and other goodies you might want to load onto your start page, iGoogle lets you install custom themes. Wizards of the Coast has just released five themes, each of which coincides with one of Magic: the Gathering’s main colors. Each color is also tied to one of the mighty Planeswalkers introduced in the Lorwyn set. No word on whether these themes have some of the clever easter eggs found in other iGoogle themes – guess we’ll have to stay up all night to find out. Head on over to iGoogle to pick yours. I went with Liliana since I’ve been playing black decks since Necropotence/Ivory Tower combos were Type 2 legal (and I have a soft spot for goth chicks).

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4 Responses to “Magic iGoogle Themes Put Planeswalkers On Your Start Page”

  1. Comment by ZacZero

    I totally read that and was all “No way, did some higher being intercede and shift reality and now I can have a DiTerlizzi Planescape iGoogle theme?” Sadly it was not to be, and I went back to my theme with the stupid rocks. :( That’s what I get for looking before I leap.

  2. Comment by Bentcorner

    Thanks for heads up about this. I just wish that Wizards of the Coast would publish a Magic:The Gathering calendar featuring artwork from the cards. They publish one for D&D, but not Magic.

  3. Comment by Ed Grabianowski

    Agreed, Bentcorner. I’ve always thought the Magic art assets were underutilized. I’d even like to see them featured in a coffee table book.

  4. Comment by Log1c

    MtG art would be AWESOME. So I concur.

    As a tangent, did they ever finish off the planeswalker comic that they started a couple months ago?