Monsterpocalypse I Chomp NY Preview: Tharsis-5

Earth is being invaded by freaky giant Martians.

Earth is being invaded by freaky giant Martians.

The Monsterpocalypse rampages on when Privateer Press releases the first expansion set, I Chomp NY, in late March. Here’s an in-depth first look at Tharsis-5, a bizarre new Martian menace monster who appears fully prepared to trod upon Times Square. We’ve got full stats for Tharsis and his ultra form.

Tharsis-5 takes his name from a massive volcanic plateau on the planet Mars. It’s easy to imagine the harsh conditions there leading to the evolution of a massive creature like this. Tharsis-5 himself (itself?) is 50 feet of WTF – basically a mutant worm with giant clawed arms and some kind of metal helmet, all floating around on a huge green levitation beam. I don’t even want to imagine the ensuing panic when this thing rises out of the East River and starts blasting pieces off the Brooklyn Bridge. Click here to check out the full-size image, but BEWARE! It is not for the faint of heart!

Let’s check out the stats for Tharsis-5:

Speed: 6
Defense: 5
Brawl: 7
Brawl Boost: 2
Blast: 6
Blast Boost: 1
Range: short
Power: 6
Power Boost: 2
Health: 5
Abilities: Flight, Armored, Super Rampage, Energy Cycle (Blue)

Fairly middle of the road stats, with a notable exception – that’s a pretty good Brawl number. The Super Rampage and Armored abilities give Tharsis a lot of resilience. Armored is a new ability that prevents all damage caused by collisions, so he can smash through some buildings and go toe-to-toe with another monster without having to worry too much about getting thrown around. But Tharsis-5’s blue Energy Cycle can be a real game changer. It grants all Martian Menace units on your team the ability to recycle action dice, vastly increasing your flexibility when it comes to managing unit actions.

If Tharsis-5 goes down (or you want to spend four P-Dice), there’s always
Ultra Tharsis-5:
Speed: 5
Defense: 7
Brawl: 6
Brawl Boost: 3
Blast: 6
Blast Boost: 2
Range: short
Power: 7
Power Boost: 3
Health: 5
Abilities: Flight, Crunch, Super Rampage, Energy Drain, Beat Back

The Ultra form is more of a pure assault monster. Slightly improved stats overall, and swaps the support oriented Energy Cycle for the “screw your opponent” Energy Drain. Then you combine Beat Back with Rampage…when military strategists talk about “shaping the battlefield,” I don’t think this is quite what they have in mind.

Someone is bound to say it, so let me get this out of the way. “I, for one, welcome our new giant floating legless claw-armed Martian overlords.” I do, honestly. This guy is going straight into my Martian Menace force come March.

Stay tuned next week – we have an awesome interview lined up with the man responsible for the city-stomping fun of I Chomp NY, Monsterpocalypse designer Erik Yaple.

9 Responses to Monsterpocalypse I Chomp NY Preview: Tharsis-5

  1. Tharsis-5 is actually a battle station, not “a mutant worm with giant clawed arms and some kind of metal helmet”

    Just wanted to clarify :)

  2. Any word on rules additions for monsterpocalypse in there? I was a bit underwhelmed with the gameplay at Gencon.

  3. Other than the addition of new abilities, the rules will be the same. Did you get to play with a full city of buildings at GenCon? Because having more buildings makes a huge difference in how fun the game is.

  4. It was with just the starter map and a few starter boxes of minis, so that could have been the problem. With more minis and abilities I may give it another try, since the one thing that I didn’t really like was what seemed to be a lack of combat options and tactics from one mini to another.

  5. Lack of combat options is one problem this game definitely does not have. If anything, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to parse all the different abilities. But when you’ve put together a nice faction force, you’ll have options aplenty.

  6. Yeah, bear in mind that GenCon was two months before the launch of the game and that only about half the Series 1 models could be had there. :)

    Great write up Ed, I have yet to play against this guy yet but I can’t wait!

  7. Ooo! I was looking forward to see the model for this, and it definitely lives up to the artwork from the strategy guide!
    = )

    Soo.. what’s Crunch? And does Armored protect you from all collisions or only from certain kinds (say, buildings only)?

    Thanks for the preview!

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