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I'll trade two sheep for some ore.

I'll trade two sheep for some ore.

With the grand opening under our belts, I just wanted to say thanks to all our new visitors. We have some pretty fun plans in store for Robot Viking, and we want our readers to be a big part of them. I think the Robot Viking himself put it best earlier today, when he said, “Graaaaahhhhhhhhh!”

Something I’m really aiming for here at Robot Viking is that we build a community of gamers, one that allows the readers to participate and interact with the site and each other. A lot of people have already registered for the site, more than I’d anticipated, and that’s awesome. We’ve had some good activity already in the comments as well. I’ve also noticed lots of visitors from outside the U.S. – I’ve always thought it was cool how two people who speak totally different languages can sit down to a game they both know and communicate without difficulty. Maybe we should just ship thousands of copies of Settlers of Catan to the Middle East. So to our many guests from England, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Canada (heck, I can practically see Canada from Robot Viking HQ), and many other places around the world, I say: “Guten Tag, Olá, Czolem, Salut, Dag, Konnichi wa, Haileo, Ma nishma, O-si-yo, Goddag, Nî hâo, Pryvit, and Hello.”

Now, registering and commenting is just one way to participate in the Robot Viking community. Another way is to send in photos of your miniatures to Miniature of the Week. Just send a photo of your miniatures or terrain to Make sure to include some info about when and where the photo was taken, who made and painted the miniature(s) or terrain, and something about the game being played if it’s an in-game shot. The photo needs to be one you took yourself, and you need to give us permission to display the photo at Robot Viking.

I’ll have an announcement next week about another major Robot Viking project that will involved reader participation. I can’t give away too much yet, but I plan on enlisting our readers as playtesters for the “Alpha” release of an original Robot Viking game system. All I’ll tell you right now is that the game involves neither robots nor vikings.

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  1. Is there a way to turn on anon or fill-in-the-blank commenting? I bet that would kick up user participation; I would have commented before now if I didn’t have to create a profile to do so, for instance.

  2. mordicai – I’m afraid anonymous commenting would open the comments up to a torrent of spam (even with a captcha, which I hate in any case). The registration process is as non-intrusive as possible, the only required info is an email address.

    Also, everyone’s first comment gets held for moderation until I approve it. Then, once we know you’re a human (or a Turing Test winner), you can comment at will.

  3. At first I was excited about trying a new game, but I soon realized that if you take out robots and vikings, the only genre left is furries.

  4. The playtesting opportunity sounds fantastic. I have always enjoyed playing games in development. It is also great because, in a games “Alpha” phase, Rules Lawyers can’t relentlessly shoot down game tweaks offhandedly by referring to the “holy” game manual of choice.

  5. however, I do love games in all forms, so if you need Alpha testers, beta testers or gamma testers, I’m in.

  6. Ooh, new RPG. How exciting.

    I understand that many game freelancers are always looking for things to write. Some of them are very good.

    Just, you know, saying.

  7. Actually, I guess I’ll drop another hint here: it’s not an RPG. It may have some RPG elements added at some point, but it’s mainly going to be a tactical game. I’ll have more details on Wednesday.

  8. Heh, I should probably stop talking about it until I announce, so I don’t muddle things up (and also, now I’m terrified the idea won’t live up to the hype!). In any case, to clarify, I am approaching it as a straight tactical game with strategic elements and some backstory thrown in for flavor. Which is unusual, since I’m usually a theme and atmosphere oriented gamer. The other person working on it at the moment (my brother) has more in-depth ideas for fleshing out the story aspects and possibly building into it some actual RPG elements.

    I promise it will all (hopefully) make sense on Wednesday.

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