Miniature of the Week – How the West Was Won

Never had a cabin near a general store, Only had a wagon and a forty four.

Never had a cabin near a general store,
only had a wagon and a forty four.

This week’s Miniature of the Week is a truly stunning piece of large-scale terrain work. If a Wild West miniatures game never seemed like your cup of tea, check out the full-size version of this photo and maybe you’ll change your mind.

Click image for full size.

Click image for full size.

This photo was taken at Origins in 2008. I have no idea what system was being used here, I only know that the amount depth and detail in the terrain is awesome. This might be one of “Uncle Duke” Seifried’s masterpieces – I don’t believe he was at Origins in 2008, as he’d had triple bypass surgery just a few months prior, but some of his scenarios and miniatures were on display.

If you’d like to see your miniatures featured here, just send a photo at the highest resolution available to Make sure to include some info about when and where the photo was taken, who made and painted the miniature(s) or terrain, and something about the game being played if it’s an in-game shot. The photo needs to be one you took yourself, and you need to give us permission to display the photo at Robot Viking.

7 Responses to Miniature of the Week – How the West Was Won

  1. I don’t think that’s the Wild West. I think it’s more British vs. Zulu, judging by the shields in the middle ground and uniforms in the foreground.

    Really impressive miniatures, nonetheless.

  2. Hard to tell from the top photo, but from the bottom photo, I’m guessing this is a Rorke’s Drift recreation. So, Wild Wild South (Africa), as opposed to Wild Wild West. (Right time period though.)

  3. I knew some sharp-eyed readers would know the game. I mistook the Zulu paraphernalia for feathers. On closer inspection, thatched roofs and a total lack of cowboy hats reveal this is obviously not the American West of the 1800s. It was the covered wagons that really threw me.

  4. This is quite impressive. It’s awesome. I have no words, but I’ve always had a soft spot for this conflict.

  5. I would guess Rourke’s Drift as well, but it really reminds me of the stuff on Major-General Tremorden Reddering’s site: which is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! (less clean-up anyway)

    I used to play Rail Wars which is a miniatures version of the Deadlands rpg, set in an alternate universe Wild West. It had it’s definite problems, but since it was one of the few sessions where I wasn’t wiped out immediately, it holds a fond place in my heart! Looking at that terrain immediately makes me wonder where I would best place my cannon…

  6. Looks like the Roarke’s Drift setup that Duke Seifried brings to conventions.

    I’m sorry to hear that he’s not doing well – hope he makes a full recovery.

  7. Can you imagine trying to transport that beast of a setup?

    Seriously impressive though the landscape alone is a masterpiece, too bad there aren’t any closeups on the individual miniatures too. Fantastic!

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