Miniature of the Week – Classic Warhammer Stomps a MadCat

Didn't he see "NOT A STEP" stenciled on the MadCat's forehead?

In a futuristic war, there is absolutely nothing better than guns for hands.

This week’s Miniature of the Week comes to us from Brian Compter of, who painted up this vivid Warhammer for his Classic Battletech lance.

Brian described his painting and modding efforts for us: “I painted this miniature for a friend who intends to use it as a commander’s ride in his mercenary force. You can see one of his lance mates in the background.

On the base of the miniature, you can see the battle scarred remnants of the ever familiar MadCat Battlemech. I spent a lot of time fretting over just how I was going to get the miniature to pose stepping up onto the MadCat torso. I was worried that I wouldn’t get the hips straight and end up with a ‘Mech more suitable for a limbo contest than the battlefield. Everything ended up alright though.

This miniature was fun to paint. Once I started it seemed to paint itself really. Sometimes I think some colors are easier to work with than others. Green is one of those colors for me.”

If you head over to ScrapYardArmory, Brian has some more pics and a more detailed description of the step-by-step process that went into this ‘Mech. Plus, the site is a great resource for fans of Classic Battletech.

5 Responses to Miniature of the Week – Classic Warhammer Stomps a MadCat

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  2. I will always be a Marauder fan. Zentraedi Officer’s Battlepod, I mean. No wait, I mean Marauder!

    Though the longest running Mechwarrior character I had flew a Conversion mech (Again, I heart me some Robotech) that I ended up gutting & more or less building frmo scrap– a stealth suite, & all laser armaments. I liked to fly around half-converted & land in rivers, natch.

    Also, at GenCon one year I won an ad hoc prize for “Most Terrain Destroyed.” What, you didn’t expect I would blow up the re-supply bunkers?

  3. I love the battletech universe. I got into it with Mechwarrior 2 and proceeded to play all of those and Dark Age. Dark Age was kinda meh. Making the pieces collectible and having a powercreep and absurd difference in playability between rarities meant that I couldn’t afford to win. Also, Why does artillery go right through me with no way of defending myself? I have 23 defense and the heaviest armor in the game, yet one freaking artillery costing less than half my points can kill me from across the map? That just doesn’t make sense. also, I never saw a helicopter. I played for the first four sets, Helis came in the third, and I never saw one. Not at a tourney, not on a singles rack, not in some random guy’s stuff, never. Did anyone have one of those?

  4. Battletech was my favorite universe growing up. Second ot perhaps only Star Wars. I completely agree with mordicai and ggodo. Artillery in DA was way overpowered. The thing with DA was that it focused on so much other than a big kick a** Mech. I still ended up collecting the nice sculpts.

    @ ggodo: I have plenty of ‘copters. Even used them sometimes at the weekly DA events at a local shop. Seperate move rules for changing flight height sorta crippled them I thought. Good swift hitters otherwise.

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