3D Dungeon Tiles Make Your Campaign Look Freaking Amazing

Baron hamfist spent 30,000 platinum pieces on the interior design of his outhouse.

Baron Hamfist spent 30,000 platinum pieces on the interior design of his outhouse.

You’re probably thinking the above photo is a screenshot from the latest Xbox video game RPG. I did when I first saw it. We’re both wrong, though. Those are printable 3D dungeon tiles by WorldWorksGames. You can actually build these dungeons on your tabletop.

There are plenty of printable dungeon tile sets out there, many of questionable quality. Anyone with some basic image editing software could create their own hallways and 30′ by 30′ rooms. But these tiles are on a whole other level.

First, they’re 3D, which means once you print them out, some assembly is required (mostly folding and glueing). The depth adds so much to an encounter. When the rogue hides behind a pillar, he really hides behind a pillar. But even if they were just flat, 2D maps, they’d be head and shoulders above most dungeon tile sets. The artwork is utterly gorgeous.

Since these are sold as printable PDFs, they don’t cost very much. The Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane set, which includes the pictured pieces and much more, only costs $16.99. Of course, that doesn’t count printing costs, but it’s still quite a bargain.

Click for full-size.

Click for full-size.

The icing on the cake is just for players of Paizo’s Pathfinder campaign. This dungeon was specifically designed to go with the Adventure Path module Howl of the Carrion King. Head over to Paizo now to check it out.

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  1. er d’oh.. that’s heroesofblackfield.com, if you want to see the inn set in action in a campaign setting.

  2. There’s 3D maps for Star Wars minis out there as well. Like the D&D 3D maps, you just have to search around to find the nice ones. We played on some really nice 3D Cloud City maps from SWMiniatures a while back. Unfortunately, they haven’t updated in a while (since 2007) – I don’t even know if their files are still available for download.

  3. Hey guys, I created 3D dungeon tiles too but more like legos for DnD you can build different things instead of one set location. I just made a town one which is free if you want to check it out Please do. I’d love to hear some comments!! or Feedback.

    Please let me know what you think!

    here is a link where you can get them

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