Bridge the Blog-to-Tabletop Divide with Open Game Table

cover-final2There are many gaming blogs offering top-notch material for use in your RPG campaign. Have you ever wished you could have that material in book format, so you could bring it to game night without using a laptop or smudgy printouts? The gods are smiling on you this day – Open Game Table will be released next week, collecting the cream of the Internet crop in one book.

Open Game Table was put together by a volunteer coalition of gamers, bloggers, writers and artists. It has 47 articles culled from dozens of gaming blogs. There’s a slight bias toward 4E D&D, but there are a lot of articles useful to any gamer or GM, regardless of system or setting. How to form a good gaming group, how to design a campaign setting, character and story ideas and more fill the pages, along with a healthy dose of black and white art.

The Core Mechanic has all the details on how to order the book, plus links to a bunch of in-depth reviews (I haven’t read the book yet myself, but the concept is very cool and merits attention).

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