Bearded Devils Invade 6D6Fireball’s Adventure Competition

Bearded devil? Is that a euphemism or something?

Bearded devil? Is that a euphemism or something?

Do you have a great idea for a fantasy adventure kicking around in your head? Does it involve bearded devils? If it doesn’t, could you maybe work a few of them in? Yes? Good! You’d better write it down and submit it to – they’ve got a contest going on for adventure writers, as it happens.

6D6Fireball is a small independent gaming company based in Nottingham. They produce their own 28mm fantasy miniatures and an assortment of gaming supplements and modules. They recently announced their first adventure writing competition – actually, two competitions, one for pure amateurs, one for freelancers who have been published in the gaming industry, but were never full-time game designers.

The contest is tied to the upcoming release of a set of four bearded devil miniatures wielding glaives, so all adventures submitted must contain bearded devils somewhere, though not necessarily as the primary villains. Beyond that, the contest is pretty open-ended. The adventure must have a minimum of 2,000 words, and open gaming license material is preferred, although you could go with a systemless adventure if you’re feeling daring.

What’s the prize? Since 6d6Fireball is a small company (just two gamers with vision), they don’t have piles of money to throw around, so the winners will have their modules published in a limited print run and will be awarded 100 percent of the profits that result. After production and printing costs are figured in, the winners will still grab a decent percentage of each sale.

Deadlines are pretty tight for this: May 12, so get to work! And check out the full, official contest rules. Bearded devils, eh?

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  1. Many thanks for the plug.

    I’m impressed by Google / your Google Fu. I had not realised any of the images of the miniatures had leaked out.



  2. Those miniatures look metal. I always love the metal minis, they’re so indestructible. I swear they’re adamantium.

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