Starship Combat in a Universe Filled With Hostile Intent

Depending on the scale here, we're either looking at some very big guns or a very uncomfortable pilot.

Depending on the scale here, we're either looking at some very big guns or a very uncomfortable pilot.

Ninja Magic was at Origins this year showing off the miniatures from their upcoming starship tactical combat game titled With Hostile Intent. We’ve got a gallery of gorgeous ships and some details on the mystery central to With Hostile Intent’s universe.

With Hostile Intent creator Todd Boyce explained that the game lets players explore true three-dimensional combat, but that it scales down to a 2D game if you’d prefer. The 3D movement rules seemed pretty straightforward and accounted for ship inertia in an interesting way. For any given movement phase, a ship has three movement values, one along each axis. Accelerating, turning and making other maneuvers will affect all three speeds to some extent. Sounds tricky, but accurate – with no atmosphere, you can’t turn on a dime in space.

The game’s backstory involves three species, the Kikoku, the Jun-ila and Humans. Expeditionary forces from all three factions were in deep space when a mysterious being transported them to an unknown part of the galaxy, where they found terraformed, inhabitable worlds waiting for them. A lot of time has passed, so each faction has had time to build up their fleets and develop their new worlds. The close quarters force them into frequent conflicts, but no one has any idea who brought them there or why. I’ll put my money on the Beyonder.

Ninja Magic produces all the minis for With Hostile Intent themselves, and the ones on display were very impressive. They use a rapid prototyping process in which the ships are designed in a 3D drafting program, then created by a 3D printer before being cast in metal. You can find out more about the process, read about the With Hostile Intent universe and check out a rules overview at the official website.

Here’s a sweet gallery of the minis they had on display at Origins. The gallery thing is a new feature I’m trying out here at Robot Viking, so let me know if it isn’t working properly.

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  1. The gallery’s working fine for me; it has fewer frills than I’m used to with this sort of thing, but personally I prefer it that way.

  2. Gallery is working for me too (Mac user). The minis look great and I immediately thought of the Beyonder as well.

  3. Those minis look pretty nice. *Clicks through to Ninja Magic Website* It looks like the come unpainted too.

    /Gallery works fine on my work computer’s craptacular IE6.

  4. Gallery works fine on the newest Firefox. I wish the beyonder would stop mucking about in mortal affairs. The guy is practically an omniscient reality TV producer. All that power an all he can think of for fun is to isolate groups and see what happens? It’s like MTV IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

  5. @ mordicai: I waffle on the issue a lot. I am not a very good painter, but often the pieces that come pre-painted are not that good either, and I will try to re-paint them anyway. Perhaps I’ve just had bad luck.

  6. Well, The Ghost Bears aren’t really known for their art, maybe you should try buying minis of Nova Cat manufacture.

    hrm, anyway, I go back and forth on prepainted stuff too. On one hand, it’s generally better than anything I paint. On the other, some are just BAD. As a heroscape player I sometimes wonder about the production of those minis. How can the quality of sculpts and paints vary so wildly between minis? I understand faces are hard, but when the cowboy doesn’t look human there’s something wrong, especially when orc to his left is so well made. I dunno, I just finishe painting a Zoanthrope I’m rather proud of, but it is nothing compared to my buddy’s Eldar.

  7. Hi, I really like this, I think I don’t like all the ship designs but for some of them, I really, really want them.
    I hope this is pre painted since I hate painting, I have no ability for painting, neither the time.
    Lets hope this is not so heavy so shipping rates to Venezuela don’t kill me :p
    The gallery worked fine for me, using the Opera 10 beta.

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