This Weekend: Play Magic 2010 and Love Your DM

I told you that vampire art was sweet.

I told you that vampire art was sweet.

If you’re looking for some fun gaming-related things to do this coming weekend, Wizards of the Coast has you covered. New Magic, DM Appreciation, and a Psion preview should keep you busy.

Magic 2010 prerelease tournaments will be going on worldwide this weekend. Click here to find the nearest prerelease. Then, check out this great article by Tim Willoughby that acts not only as a guide to prerelease tournaments for first-timers, but explains the new Magic rules changes in a straightforward manner. You can also read the full set spoiler over at MTGSalvation.

Over on the RPG side of things, July has been declared DM Appreciation Month. There are some fun comments and suggestions on how to show your love for your DM (just not in that way) over at the D&D Facebook page. There’s also some DM stuff going on with D&D Twitter pages, using the following hashtags: #dnddm, #worldbuilderdm, #storytellerdm, #actionmoviedm. Frankly, I have no idea what any of that means, but if you’re into the Twitter thing, I’m sure you can figure it out.

Personally, I think Munchkin has one of the best DM appreciation methods. One of my favorite cards is called  “Buy the DM an Action Figure,” and it gives you an immediate level up. Booster packs of minis, new sourcebooks, or, in some cases, beer are all excellent DM gifts. I’m just going to have to make sure I’m on shift as DM next July (I handed over the reigns about two months ago).

We’re still not done yet – if you subscribe to D&D Insider, you can already check out the first few levels of the new Psion class, which will be appearing in Player’s Handbook 3. Whenever I think they’ve covered all possible bases with the deluge of classes already released, WotC surprises me with something like the artificer. I’m personally keeping my fingers crossed for necromancers and illusionists (especially illusionists). PHB3 should be fun.

If all that isn’t enough to keep you occupied, get together with some friends and play some of your favorite games this weekend!

5 Responses to This Weekend: Play Magic 2010 and Love Your DM

  1. I hate how excited I am about M10. I haven’t regularly played Magic since Visions. Alara had me buying a few theme decks and cheap singles and now I’m ready to jump into M10. The frustrating part is that I can see WOTC’s calculated ploy to get players exactly like me, and I can’t stop it from happening!

  2. Darn, forgot to register for the prerelease. Oh well…

    The psion’s power mechanic is very solid. They leave the wizard in the dust when it comes to versatility. It’s one of those classes that, in the right hands, could blow your mind. Can’t wait to see the other half.

    I think I’ll bring my DM some beer tonight. Maybe some Bear Republic XP Ale… but will it be enough XP to bump me up a level?

  3. Gavin, I can’t make the pre this weekend either (forgot about some prior plans), but they do basically the same thing the next weekend and just call it a “release” tournament. Perhaps we shall make plans this evening…

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