Dungeon Twister 2 Concept Art: the Alluring Backstabber

August 12th, 2009 by Ed Grabianowski
She comes from a culture where it is forbidden to show one's elbows in public.

She comes from a culture where it is forbidden to show one's elbows in public.

Dungeon Twister 2 – Prison is ramping up for the game’s October release. The sequel to the popular European dungeon crawl board game features a constantly changing board and some detailed pre-painted miniatures representing the various characters and threats you’ll encounter in the labyrinth. We’ve got cool concept art from sketch to sculpt to painted mini for the Backstabber and the Colossus.

We told you about Dungeon Twister 2 – Prison a few months ago. Development continues on the board game as well as a video game version. Prior to release, an open public playtest tournament will be held, which is a really cool idea. If you’re around Lille, France, you should check it out. You can also scope out the official Dungeon Twister league and forums, although be warned: they are not in English. Designer Chris Boelinger tells me that you can post to the forum in English and probably get an English response. Multilingual Europeans put me to shame, though I am trying to learn Polish.

In any case, enjoy these very cool concept art galleries. I think it’s amazing to see how these pieces move from a concept drawing to a sculptor’s model to a molded plastic mini.

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7 Responses to “Dungeon Twister 2 Concept Art: the Alluring Backstabber”

  1. Comment by ggodo

    COOL! I always like seeing the creative process in action, and that barbarian looking dude is a thing of terror!

  2. Comment by mordicai

    In the dungeon, no shirt can hear you scream!…because no one wears shirts.

  3. Comment by The BullLifter

    It looks like she is trying to fly perched up on that nubbin of a rock.

  4. Comment by ggodo

    I got more of a gymnast-just-off-the-bars vibe from her. “. . . An she sticks the landing!”

  5. Comment by Gavin O'Brien

    I assumed she was preparing to cut my birthday cake.

  6. Comment by The BullLifter

    @ ggodo: My wife is a gymnast, so I see everything that would be wrong with a bar dismount landing/posing/”TA-DA” moment.

    Maybe she is ready for cliff-diving?

  7. Comment by ggodo

    Hmm, could be. Maybe there’s waterfalls in these dungeons!