Download Aeternal Legends RPG for Free this Weekend Only

August 13th, 2009 by Ed Grabianowski
Please keep hands and katana inside the ride at all times...

Please keep hands and katana inside the ride at all times...

Indie RPG Aeternal Legends is being relaunched this week, giving players who missed its 2007 release another chance to explore a contemporary world that blends politics and modern culture with high fantasy and a barely concealed undercurrent of magical power. The entire rulebook will be available as a free download until the end of Gen Con this weekend, so there’s no excuse not to check it out.

Aeternal Legends was described to me by co-creator Malcolm Sheppard as, “Gaiman and Rowlingesque fantasy mixed with British comic-auteur occultist sensibilities, aggressively applied to the cliches of fantasy games. Yep: It’s all about the elves and dwarves and such, but I think we’ve retooled it to make them more than just set dressing.”

But you don’t even have to take Malcolm’s word for it, because right now, Aeternal Legends can be downloaded for free from RPGNow. On top of that, the download includes a coupon code good for $11 off the price of the print version at This looks like a fun game set in an intriguing world that can accommodate lots of different play styles — look for a full review of Aeternal Legends next week!

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4 Responses to “Download Aeternal Legends RPG for Free this Weekend Only”

  1. Comment by mordicai

    Alright, I’ll bite. I’ll download it. If I think I’ll use it, I’ll certainly buy the Lulu one; I am not a .pdf guy. So. Consider it a victory; I would have never heard of it or considered it, but I clicked through to the download. Can’t promise I’ll buy the book, but I certainly am interested.

  2. Comment by ggodo

    Downloading. Free stuuf is always good. I’ll be honest and say I’m not likely to buy it, but RPGs seem too cooperative for my friends.

  3. Comment by zizhou


    RPGs seem too cooperative, huh? Consider running a game of Paranoia!

  4. Comment by Anekanta

    Ha! funny, I was just reading about this today. I’ll check this out for sure.

    Please keep the indie news coming!