What Priceless Treasures Might Be in Your Zendikar Packs?

Yes, that's a Black Lotus.

Yes, that's a Black Lotus.

Yesterday, rumors started flying around the Internet that something strange was happening. It all began with a photo of a Candelabra of Tawnos sitting in an open Zendikar pack. Was it real, or some kind of prank? Are there really priceless treasures waiting to be found in Zendikar booster packs?

It looks like the rumors started over at MTGSalvation. Most people were highly skeptical at first. Anyone could have opened a pack and stuck an old card next to it. Then someone pointed out that Wizards recently sent out a rules clarification: if you open a card in a pack that isn’t from that pack’s set, you can’t play that card in any sealed or draft tournaments. If there’s a deck swap, you get to keep it. Surely they were just making sure everyone was aware of the foil Lightning Bolt ruling, right?

But then even more spectacular rumors started showing up. People were finding Black Lotuses and Moxes in their Zendikar packs, plus original dual lands. A supposed confirmation email from a judge proved it was all true, but with nothing posted on the official Wizards’ site, nothing is really truly official.

Today, as prerelease events around the world are happening, reports are coming in that this is indeed true. In place of the token or rules insert card in some packs, a random card from Unlimited or earlier is sometimes found. The cards are not reprints, they are old cards (some of them appear heavily played) that have been inserted into the packs. Specific reports mention an Ali from Cairo, plenty of dual lands, and a Mishra’s Workshop. There are plenty of Lotus and Mox rumors, but nothing confirmed. Supposedly, these special treasures will only appear in the first print run, but this is unconfirmed as well. Finally, they seem to be very rare, often only one or two at entire large prerelease events, where hundreds of packs are opened. Rarity estimates range from “two per box” (which is either a flat out lie or one very lucky Magic player) to one per 20 boxes.

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    I might’ve just died.

  2. Multiple reports of a Black Lotus at a prerelease in Oregon (or maybe Washington?). And today we actually witnessed someone pull a Force of Will. On the other hand, the two fetch lands I got today are probably better than the Force (or at least, more valuable).

  3. Screw value. There’s a Black Lotus in Corvalis. That’s the sort of thing urban legends come form. A buddy of mine was at that prerelease, there was definately Lotus in the pack. I bet he wishes he got it. I bet we all wish we got it. Even Mordicai wants it.

  4. I had a whole conversation with a store owner on Saturday about how screwed up the rulings on Chaos Orb would be if it were legal today. For example, is rearranging your cards on the table a fast effect? Can you do it in response to an Orb? If not, you can obviously tap your lands in response. Is there a rule that says your lands have to stay in place when you tap them? It just gets more and more absurd the more you think about it.

    I owned a Chaos Orb once, lost it in an ante game.

  5. You know how there’s no rules for arranging your cards? A friend of mine always scatters his cards all over the table. it’s hilarious watching him play when his creatures are next to your lands, the Graveyard is on the floor and his lands are all in neat piles in the center of the table. The best part of this is that he’s never even heard of Chaos Orb, he just discovered there were no rules about card placement and decided it was his duty to remind the world.

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