6D6 Fireball has a Free 3E Adventure Full of Bearded Devils

badanistraxA while back I pointed out that miniatures maker 6D6 Fireball was holding an adventure writing contest, and lo and behold, I forgot to follow up. Not only can you find out who won, you can download a nice PDF of the adventure. (Horned) hats off to Viking Gavin for reminding me of this.

Gold Strike! by Mitch Hamilton is an adventure for 4th-6th level characters using the open gaming license D20 rules. While it should come as no surprise that the main villains are bearded devils (that was the theme of the contest, after all), you also get an abandoned Dwarven mine, an ancient curse, a greedy merchant and a lost temple (possibly of doom).

The PDF features a nice clean layout with clear hazard charts, maps and DM read-aloud sections. It looks like an excellent dungeon crawl: head over to 6D6 Fireball now and download it yourself. You can also, for a limited time, grab the previous contest winner, Sanctum of the Fiery Ladder. That should keep your OGL campaign busy for awhile.