RPG Superstar 2010 Starts Now

rpgsuper09aThe first two years of Paizo’s RPG Superstar competition created some amazing adventures, plus a bunch unique items and villains. The third edition begins this week, as the first round of the open RPG talent contest was announced yesterday. Bring out your best wondrous item.

RPG Superstar puts entrants through a gauntlet of design challenges lasting five rounds, starting with the “create a wondrous item” challenge. Each round, fewer and fewer contestants make it through to the next round, culminating in the final four submitting full adventure proposals. The winner’s adventure will be published by Paizo, and past winners have built on their victory to get further work in RPG writing and design. The image above is the cover art for last year’s winning adventure, Realm of the Fellnight Queen by Neil Spicer. Robot Viking interviewed Neil in April, discussing the creation of the Fellnight Queen, drunk treants and RPG inspiration, among other things.

Each entry must use Paizo’s Pathfinder rules, which represent a major revision of D&D 3.5. Each round will feature a notable guest judge (round 1 will be guest-judged by last year’s final four). The design challenges for the other four rounds haven’t been announced yet — in the past, contestants have had to create villainous characters, new monsters and entire encounters. I wouldn’t be surprised if they change things up this year.

If you’re interested in entering, get your 300-words-or-less wondrous item (including the necessary stat blocks and some tasty fluff) ready by January 1. Read all the details at Paizo.com. Then, stop by TrollandToad.com to pick up the Pathfinder Bestiary and Pathfinder Campaign Setting to give you some ideas.

4 Responses to RPG Superstar 2010 Starts Now

  1. Hmm… Wonder what the criteria are for selection. Do you think they grade on “usefulness”? If not, I have a couple of ideas.

    Though I’d hardly call a Pebble of Desiccation useless. Come to a pesky river with no bridge? Just toss in a PoD (that’s what I like to call them, PoDs), and wammo. Now you can walk across on dry land!

    Obviously there are a few flaws. Figuring out what happens to the water, for example, is still in committee. Also, keeping them out of the hands of evil mutant masterminds and Bond villains has proved difficult.

  2. The judges will consider a lot of things, if I know any them at all. If you come up with something brilliant that’s not particularly useful, I suspect you’ve got a lot going for you. A great idea, clean and crisp writing, something interesting and new, and the judges will see the good work regardless of what areas you might not be perfect in.

    And if anyone has ever considered doing some RPG writing, I can’t recommend this contest enough. A 300 entry is nothing compared to the work other opportunities might ask of you. Even if you don’t win, the experience is worthwhile. A number of runners-up have gone on to do professional work since the past two contests ended, and I assure you at least a few publishers other than Paizo keep an eye out for new talent in this contest. And Paizo itself is one of the best companies around, with people that can give you priceless guidance. I’d enter, if my credits didn’t disqualify me.

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