Donate $20 to Haitian Earthquake Relief, Get Tons of Free Games

DriveThruRPG and dozens of game designers have banded together to create Gamers Helping Haiti. With a $20 donation, you’ll get access to dozens of free games and gaming products, all while helping a good cause.

Here’s how it works: head over to the DriveThruRPG Gamers Helping Haiti page. Add the item to your cart and make the $20 payment. Then, you’ll get a coupon code in your email. Check out the Mega-Bundle page, which shows all the different products you can get for free. There’s over 100, with a total value exceeding $1,000. Pick any of the free stuff you want, or all of it, and add it to your cart. When you check out, use the coupon code and you’ll get everything for free. That’s right, you can get every single product in the Mega-Bundle list for free because the publishers were awesome enough to donate them.

A quick browse of the list shows lots of OGL/D20 content, plus sourcebooks for all kinds of different game systems, some core rulebooks, art collections, printable map sets, books packed with adventure hooks, complete games, and more. A lot more.

All the funds collected (more than $20,000 so far!) will go to Doctors Without Borders and their Haiti Earthquake Response efforts. If you can’t swing the full $20, you can also donate $5 or $10, and DriveThruRPG will match the donation.

There is one small caveat — tons of people downloading all their free games has put a real strain on DriveThruRPG’s servers. So you should definitely go donate, then select and order your free games, but wait a few days to download them (the download links will stay in your order history, so you can go get them at any time).

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  1. I’ll give this a look-see either tonight, or tomorrow. I intend to at least make a small donation, whether or not there’s anything on the site I want, since today I heard Haiti got hit by a second earthquake. Shit’s getting worse over there.

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