Check Out CthulhuTech for Free

Would you like to battle other-dimensional horrors in an original sci-fi setting with battlemechs and cyborg demons? Why do I even ask these questions? Of course you would. Right now, you can download the 50-page CthulhuTech Quickstart rules for free.

CthulhuTech is like chocolate and peanut butter. Lovecraftian horror, like peanut butter, is delicious and healthy. Science-fiction, like chocolate, is freaking awesome. But when you combine them, you get something much greater than the sum of the parts.

There’s pretty much zero reason for you not to head right over to the CthulhuTech downloads page and download the Quickstart pdf file. They’re basically giving away free awesome. It might be just a small amount of awesome, and they’re hoping you get so hooked on the awesome that you keep coming back to buy more, but in the short-term…hey, free awesome.

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  1. I’ve read through it and like the system, I’m trying to organize my friends to play a campaign of something over the summer when we’re all relatively free, and tossed this on the list of possible suggestions. It’s probably going to be most of them’s first time, and I’ll probably end up DMing, but I think it’ll be fun.

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