Project: Death Race Fund Drive Nearing 50 Percent

Look over there on the right — see the Project: Death Race Kickstarter ad? Check out the current funding level. We’re almost halfway there!

It started slow, but the number of contributors is building, like some kind of crazy napalm ball of doom rolling right at us. With all of March left before the deadline, the funding goal of $300 seems within reach.

If you’re new to Project: Death Race, you can find out about the Kickstarter fund drive here, and download the alpha playtest rules here. In other excellent P: DR news, last week I received a thorough playtest report from a three-person, six-car battle royale. Not only is it great to see that there’s interest in the game, but those kinds of playtests really give me ideas about the rules and let me know which areas need the most retooling before I start working on the beta release. So if you’ve played a test game, are thinking of playing it, or you’ve just read the rules and have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to email me. Constructive criticism is the foundation of our success. Or the ammo in our Gatling guns.

If you’re interested in donating a few bucks to the development fund drive, hit this link or click the ad on the right. There are some cool benefits, like access to beta test info and even the chance to get your name into the game. Go, P: DR, go!