Project: Death Race Needs You!

The Project: Death Race fund drive is so close to hitting the $300 goal. But it’s also so close to the deadline. We’re about a week away. You have the power to make a game of heavily armed muscle car combat happen.

The Project: Death Race Kickstarter drive got some recent attention from (although they spelled my name wrong, which happens conversationally, but seems kind of hilarious in a text-based medium). We’re only $92 from hitting the goal, and we’ve got a lot of cool plans for the game. I’ll be honest, I’ve actually been doing some prep work on the game because I’m excited about it and the goal is clearly within reach.

If you’re new to Project: Death Race, here are the pertinent links to get you up to speed (ha). Let’s go Full Metal on this!

The Kickstarter Donation Page – go here to throw in a few bucks to get the project going. Contributors get exclusive updates on beta rules development, and their feedback can influence the game’s design. Plus, you can lock yourself in to get the first set of equipment cards for free, or even get a weapon, car or in-game corporation named after you. That kind of immortality is easily worth trillions of dollars, but it can be yours for just $25!

Alpha Rules, revision 0.7. You can try the game now with this in-development version of the rules.

Project: Death Race overview.

A photo of an incredibly sweet car — just imagine if it had Gatling Lasers and spiked fender armor.

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  1. artbraune, was it you that created the turning gauge? I had some email problems awhile back and lost some old emails, and couldn’t remember who designed that. I want to give full credit for it!

  2. Ed – it was me indeed! Let me know if you need any changes – I still have the master file around here…

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