Win Cool Magic Stuff in Robot Viking’s Rise of the Eldrazi Contest

With some persistence and a little talent at solving puzzles, you could win a pair of Worldwake Intro packs and a full playset of custom painted Blightnings. Just tune into Robot Viking each day next week. For more details on the prizes and how the contest will work, read on.

First, the prizes. The intro packs are the exact ones pictured: Rapid Fire and Flyover. Each one comes with a 40-card preconstructed deck, including one foil mythic rare, plus a Worldwake booster pack. Very cool, and the preconstructed decks are usually pretty balanced. That means if you win, you and a friend can crack them open and play some games right away.

The custom Blightning playset comes courtesy of artist niheloim. All four cards are hand-painted with extended art like the one pictured, and are being made just for this contest! I had niheloim do a custom Liliana Vess for me and it looks awesome. Apparently others think so, too — he’s been invited to appear at the Los Angeles prerelease for Rise of the Eldrazi. If you’d like to have some custom extended art cards made for you by niheloim, you can contact him directly. I’ll have a gallery of his work up later this week, including the Liliana he painted for me.

Now, how will the contest work? It’s going to take a little effort, so read the rules carefully. There is a secret Twitter account with only two Tweets: the secret code word and a secret email address. The name of the Twitter account is 15 letters long. Each weekday next week, a puzzle of some kind will be posted to Robot Viking. The answer to each day’s puzzle will be three letters long. When all five days’ answers are put together, in order, they’ll make up the name of the secret Twitter account. The first person to find the account and send the secret code word to the secret email address wins the contest.

There’s one slight wrinkle — each puzzle will only appear on the site for 24 hours, then it will disappear. So you’ll have to check back each weekday to get all the puzzles. The time frame is midnight to midnight, eastern time, so the first puzzle will appear Sunday night/Monday morning at 12 a.m. The puzzles themselves will take several forms. Some might be riddles, ciphers, codes, or a riddle encoded with a cipher. Knowledge of Magic: the Gathering will be helpful as well. Of course, you’ll want to keep each day’s answers to yourself, so don’t post them in the comment thread or anything. You wouldn’t want someone else stealing your rightful prize, would you?

8 Responses to Win Cool Magic Stuff in Robot Viking’s Rise of the Eldrazi Contest

  1. Yay!

    Also, I think I’m going to change the name of my Sorcerer’s Chaos Bolt to “Blightning.”

  2. [card]Blightning[/card] is one of the most hated cards in Standard right now, but at least if you win this contest, your opponent will go, “Ooooh, where did you get that” right after they curse you.

  3. I’m certain it will be well liked among the monsters we face after level 14 when I pick up Psychic Lock. I’ll Blightning their brains out and give them a -2 to their next attack roll while I’m at it.

  4. Not really. You can just go to to see the tweets. No account of your own required.

    For example, you can check out to see all this site’s tweets without signing in or anything.

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