Project: Death Race Gets the Green Flag!

The Project: Death Race fund drive was a success. Holy crap. So, what now?

I figured the Kickstarter fund drive for Project: Death Race was a shot in the dark, and it got off to a slow start. But thanks to some really generous friends, we hit the goal with time to spare (and even went over it a little bit). And no, this is not an April Fools’ joke. I love April Fools pranks, but the whole fake news story thing is pretty played out.

Anyway, here’s the outline for Project: Death Race’s future:

  • Next week or the week after, my brother and I are going to hammer away at the game rules over the course of several solid days of non-stop Death Racing.
    • This specifically includes balancing collision damage, making sure the vehicle creation point system is balanced, making new equipment, and rebalancing the speed/maneuver/to-hit numbers. We’re also going to flesh out the game’s backstory.
  • Then I’ll be working away at the rulebook to make it as clearly worded and easy to understand as possible, with tons of examples. After that, I’ll give it a thorough going over to spruce of the graphic design a bit.
  • In the meantime, I’ll be in touch with donors who want their names represented in-game to work out what name they want used and what type of in-game entity they’d like to be.
  • In roughly two months, I will release the beta version of the game for free. These rules will come with a somewhat limited selection of vehicles and equipment (more than there are in the alpha rules, not as much as there will eventually be). If possible, this may be published for distribution in PDF format at various RPG PDF sites. If not, we’ll just release it here.
  • At that point, we’ll gauge the game’s success and see where to go from there. My ultimate plan for this game is to release the rules with some sample cars and equipment for free, then release periodic PDF files containing new cars and equipment expansions for a moderate fee (like, $5). That first expansion is what you’ll get for free if you were a $10 donor.

So that’s that. We’ve got a specific plan and specific milestones to hit, and we’re going to put out this beta release on time. It should be very cool — even in the alpha state, the game was a lot of fun to play. It just needs sanding, buffing, undercoat, primer, two coats of paint, clear coat and a wax job.

By the way, at this point I’m thinking of keeping the working title as is, and working it into the game’s backstory. However, the obligatory battle cry will stillbe “Full Metal!”

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  1. IANAL, but I’d think that the owners of the movie would object. (especially since they announced they were working on a sequel last month) You don’t have the money to fight off Hollywood lawyers. It’ll probably go under their radar, but you never know. If they hadn’t had made the Jason Statham movie, I don’t think it would have been an issue.

    Plus you want a unique brand. You need something that will be the #1 spot on Google. Maybe something like Car Wars… or you could just have a contest.

    On another note, I strongly suggest that you develop a base system that has enough framework to support all of the expansions you do. The reason is to avoid power creep. I don’t have a problem with the expansion theory, but if later expansions make the earlier expansions worthless it will eventually piss off a big chunk of your fans.

  2. I think I’m more likely to run into legal trouble with the name Car Wars, haha. You’re right though. The problem is, every name I think of sounds really generic. It’s been a real problem.

    Expansions will likely add minor mechanics, sort of the way new Magic sets do. However, the point system for cars and equipment is static, it’s all one big spreadsheet.

  3. Project: Slaughterdome!

    Project: Autopocalypse!

    Project: Blood Tread!

    Project: Bumper to Bumper Metal Humper!

  4. Auto Assault! Kill Course! Slaughter Slalom! NASKILL! Autocide! Death Derby! Armortainment! Killermobile! Crash Course! Kissing Metal!

  5. Congratulations on the initial success! Here’s hoping all the rules working, and fine tuning goes smoothly as possible. I have a feeling this game’s gonna be fun as hell. Just the idea of tricking out my own, personal death mobile is awesome.

  6. NASKILL is at least better than Death Race. For NASKILL you can legally claim to be a parody. It doesn’t stop them from a money-draining suit, but you have legal grounds.

    Still, my favorite is Kissing Metal. I can see the cover with two cars with pin-up style art on their fenders, coming close to each other.

  7. -Gun It!
    -Vehicular World Slaughter
    -Suicide Doors
    -Blacktop Bloodbath
    -High Octane Obituaries

    Feel free to tweak any of these, Ed.

  8. “…also, if you don’t have some guns, you better find a couple, n00b” expansion set.

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