Project: Death Race Update — More Testing, More Mayhem

Work has been ongoing on the Project: Death Race beta rules. My brother and I conducted an extensive, day-long testing session about two weeks ago. Here are the results, with a gallery of playtest images.

As a result of this playtest, I’ve got a notebook full of rules tweaks and new ideas. We played a basic “last car driving” arena match, and then we tried a race. Additional play formats were considered as well. Damage values of ammo supplies are getting dialed in much closer to play balance. We tried a number of different variations on to-hit numbers and defense numbers, and I think we have that more or less pinned down. Collision rules were actually streamlined a bit further, and after some experiments we found that even seemingly complicated multi-car crashes could be resolved very quickly and easily.

At this point, the actual rules are getting very close to beta-ready. We’re even adding in some elements that were missing from the alpha version, such as terrain effects and a critical hit table. The fictional background for the game is taking shape as well (along with the contributors whose names will be included in the game)/ The part that’s going to take some time is the graphic design to make new vehicle and equipment cards that look at least reasonably professional. Right now, we’re leaning toward taking photos of actual cars that we’ve modded with weapons and armor, doing some photo manipulation and using those on the vehicle cards. For equipment, I’m hoping to enlist some artists.

By the way, if you have any cars you’ve painted up or otherwise “Death Race-ized,” and you’d like us to consider it for use as one of the base models in the game, email me for details. There’s no prize or compensation, but your car will be in the game and you’ll be credited both on the card and in the rulebook.

Now, here’s our gallery of test day!

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  1. I love the brown packaging terrain, that stuff makes the best walls/buildings/mountains no matter what scale the game is played on.

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