MGTO Community Cup 2010 Draws Near

In just a few days I’ll be flying to Wizards of the Coast HQ to challenge the very makers of the game itself to a series of high-stakes duels. Well, medium stakes. And possibly medium-rare steaks (is there a good steakhouse in Renton?).

My emotions are a strange blend of “I’m off to see the Wizard(s)” and “heading into the belly of the beast.” Mostly the first one, but I have to get my game face on for the Community Cup. The community team won it last year, and I don’t want to be on the team that fails to defend the title.

Here’s the cool thing about the Community Cup: you can not only watch the matches on Magic Online, you can participate. Just head over to the Wizards forums and get involved in the discussions on Standard deck design and Commander (also known as EDH) deck design, or just wish us luck. If you include your MTGO user name, you’ll get one of the prizes if we win…or lose.

Yes, there are two prizes. If the community team wins, everyone who helped in the forum threads will get an MTGO draft set of booster packs from Mirrodin block, plus access to some Mirrodin block draft tournaments in MTGO. If the community team loses, everyone will get a free promo card. It is possibly the worst card in all of Magic’s history, the appropriately named [card]Sorrows Path[/card]. Hilarious, Wizards.

Although the community team has been working and testing decks for weeks, things are really moving now. It’s a good time to help out in the threads and have a serious impact on our deck design or drafting strategy. If you’d like to find out more about the other community team members, you’ll find them all here. Quite a mix of successful players, community builders and Magic media members. I’d love it if some Vikings made a showing on the forums and in the audience — I’ll be fighting hard to get you those Mirrodin packs if you do!

5 Responses to MGTO Community Cup 2010 Draws Near

  1. Are the packs physical mirrodin? or are they MTGO? Cuz I’d sign up for MTGO to get some Mirrrodin, but I’m not going to pay for the digital cards to continue to play MTGO.

  2. Fixed. For some reason the Magic card plugin can’t parse apostrophes. Also clarified the article — yes, this is all MTGO based. The goal of the Community Cup is to draw attention to the different formats and events possible with MTGO.

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