Monsterpocalypse: the Movie — Could This Really Happen?

One of the most surprising successes in the gaming industry could be due for another big surprise — a movie! And not just some direct-to-DVD Sci-Fi Originals lameness either. There’s a major Hollywood director attached to this project.

This is slightly old news (I’m still catching up from all my recent Magic travels), but it’s certainly big news. Tabletop gaming franchises have not fared well on the silver screen, with the D&D movie as a perfect example. But what if I threw the name “Tim Burton” on the table? Would that pique your interest?

DreamWorks purchased the rights to make a Monsterpocalypse movie, which surely was a nice windfall for Privateer Press. John August has been contracted to write the script. August has some excellent credits, including Big Fish and Corpse Bride. Cinemaphile Vikings might notice a common theme on August’s resume — the involvement of Tim Burton. Apparently DreamWorks is trying to get Burton to helm the Monpoc movie, although it’s possible August himself could direct it. The Hollywood Reporter has a detailed article going into the complicated entanglements of film industry scheduling that could affect the production date of this movie, as well as who actually works on it. As far as I can tell, it all boils down to whether or not Johnny Depp has the chicken salad or the salmon steak for lunch next week.

August himself discusses the project (and why it’s been announced so soon) on his blog. He seems pretty psyched about it, saying, “Giant apes, terrasaurs, planet-eating extraterrestrials? Check, check and check. Plus robots. C’mon. You need robots.” I mean, that right there tells me he “gets it.” Of course, August is not Michael Bay, so based on his past work we can expect an intriguing plot and deep characters. Can the visual awesomeness of giant monster battles be balanced with an absorbing story? I’d say August is the man for the job.

This could be years away, but Monpoc fans take heart. According to August, “Monsterpocalypse has been the fastest a movie has come together in my career, and I’m ridiculously excited to start writing it.”

7 Responses to Monsterpocalypse: the Movie — Could This Really Happen?

  1. I’ve never played Monsterpocalypse because I’m still a little burned on collectible minis after Mechwarrior Dark Age. Is it possible to just get packs of one faction? That’d be more interesting to me.

  2. Are there faction requirements for playing? Do you have to have all units from one faction or some kind of quota? Mechwarrior gave bonuses for grouping same factions together in the rule book, but didn’t require it, but tournament play had faction quotas you had to meet to count as that faction to play. I was always frustrated at not being able to get the factions I wanted out of those stupid random packs. Never got a helicopter either. I’m still frustrated with that game. Great minis, bad rules and a terrible destruction of the fluff to make a halfway decent setting.

  3. If I recall correctly, there are strict faction requirements for team building. On the other hand, if you’re just playing with friends, who cares? You can mix and match factions and monsters at will.

    Edit: Took a quick look at the rulebook. Teams are not faction restricted. However, a lot of abilities only work with other units of the same faction.

  4. Well, that’s not bad. I was thinking about getting some giant apes and Dinosaurs because I love the minis, but I’m not big on most of the robots. With my luck I’ll get tons of bots.

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