Exclusive Gamma World Unboxing Video

The official release date for the Gamma World boxed set is October 19, but it arrived on my doorstep last week. Here’s your chance to pry it open before the official unveiling at PAX.

I’ve always thought unboxing videos were a little…funny. And not, “Haha,” funny. But since I first heard about the new Gamma World, I’ve woken up every morning and marked off my calendar, looking wistfully at October. So many days away. I was going to make an Advent calendar for it, but…that would be weird. Anyway, Wizards asked me to do this unboxing video and sent me Gamma World two months early and well, I’m easy like that. Twist my arm already.

I should note that, for obvious reasons, I hadn’t read through the book prior to the video. I’ve tried to include helpful captions to clear up any misconceptions and other idiocy I may have perpetrated in the course of the following presentation, which is rated FGW for “Frickin’ Gamma World!” Also, I have literally no experience editing videos and just learned how. Sort of.

Part 1.


Part 2.


Part 3.


5 Responses to Exclusive Gamma World Unboxing Video

  1. That actually looks pretty good. I’m actually a PC in an upcoming Pathfinder game, so Fourth is gonna be a bit off my radar for a while, but that was cool.

  2. I have a gut feeling that I could probably convert my adventure into Gamma World pretty quickly.

    Ed, could you bring at least the rulebook tonight just so I can take a look at it?

  3. I am a long time fan of Gamma World, having first played one of the earlier boxed editions. My first adventures were Legion of Gold and Famine in Far-go.

    I must say while there are some good bits in this new box, like D&D 4E compatibility and the Rat Swarm origin (cranium rats), I was not very impressed. The theme seems all over the place, and the cards – just make me cringe. Don’t get me wrong! The phase cape sounds cool and all. I was just expecting that mutations were mostly permanent changes to a character’s base DNA, and that quills, for example, were always bristling about the body of a given character, and simply absent from others. I am not crazy about the idea of random encounter-only mutations, though I loved the old system of rolling up random mutations during CHARACTER CREATION, and OCCASIONALLY receiving a new, permanent mutation from radiation sources and other mutagens as the campaign evolved.

    I won’t even go into how immature the whole concept of boosters and “rares, commons, uncommons blind purchase collectible” is. That’s why I play Heroscape. I might buy this for the good stuff, but right now it just looks like a pretty box with some mish-mash ideas thrown together. Maybe I’ll think differently when I see it in person.

  4. This was a lot of fun. Thanks for posting it! My wife and I got a special kick out of Ruby. Please let her assist you in all future Robot Viking endeavors.

    I’m old enough to remember both the original Gamma World and the 1980s reboot, which I actually thought was pretty good. This one seems more of a beer’n’pretzel version, which isn’t necessarily bad, but I think it will be hard for my roleplayers and storytellers to get into a game where you suffer random mutations every session.

    Nonetheless, worth picking up.

  5. Sorry it took me so long to check this video out. Been meaning to for a while, but then I forgot about it.

    So that was pretty entertaining! I had no idea Ruby could open packaging so well. She’s so multifaceted. I’m now really excited to give Gamma World a try this coming week.

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