Design Your Way to a Job at Wizards of the Coast

I’ve mentioned before that working at Wizards of the Coast seems pretty awesome, and the people who work there are equally awesome. Now’s your chance to become one of those people. Magic’s R&D is holding their second Great Designer Search.

Mark Rosewater announced the Great Designer Search 2 in his column last Friday. It’s a little light on details — the actual, full announcement with all the info on how to enter won’t happen until Sept. 29. It looks like they’re planning to improve some of the perceived flaws in the first Designer Search. It also seems likely that there will be far more entrants this time around, so the competition will be even tougher. The winner gets a six month paid internship at Wizards HQ. You have to be 18, eligible to work in the U.S., and able to relocate to Seattle for six months.

Actually, there may be more at stake than an internship. All four finalists from the last Designer Search ended up getting full-time jobs at Wizards of the Coast, and still work there today. In act, I met most of them when I was there in June. So entering this contest could be a great way to make your gaming dream job really happen. Better brush up on your Magic rules and get some practice by helping out in our semi-regular Crash Test Magic articles.

Um…I mean, no, don’t do those things. In fact, don’t even enter the Great Designer Search 2. That would be a terrible idea. Look, I’ll enter and then tell you how horrible it is once I win. No need to put yourself through that.

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  1. You’re safe as far as I’m concerned. While I long to work at WoTC, I couldn’t be a true designer. Those positions need to go to people who are steeped in the number crunching skillset. Someday I’ll find a position in their marketing or PR dept. Or maybe I’ll just syndicate “Draft Beer” and make a bazillion damn dollars. Ah, perchance to dream.

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