Magic Online Masters Edition IV Exclusive Preview

The Masters Edition sets for Magic Online reprint classic cards from the days before Magic Online existed. They’re your best chance to crack open a pack and find some Legends, Beta or Arabian Nights cards. Plus, there are foil versions for each card, the first time any of the cards have been available in foil form ever.

First up we have Alpha artifact [card]Gauntlet of Might[/card]. Sure, [card]Gauntlet of Power[/card] is more versatile, but for monored decks it offers an interesting option alongside [card]Koth of the Hammer[/card]. This is the first time Gauntlet of Might has been reprinted in any form since Unlimited. That was in 1993! Well, it’s on the reserved list, meaning it can never be reprinted in paper form, so Masters Edition IV is pretty much your only shot at it.

Our next preview card is technically a re-reprint, a card that’s been in quite a few paper Magic sets and also appeared in Masters Edition II for MTGO. [card]Swords to Plowshares[/card].

The Masters Edition II version featured the Ice Ages art, so this is the first time it’ll be available in MTGO with the original Alpha art. Swords is the prototypical ultra-efficient white creature removal spell that nets your opponent some small advantage in return. Its descendants include tournament staples like [card]Condemn[/card] and [card]Path to Exile[/card]. While the life gain is seldom a major factor compared to getting rid of a key part of your opponent’s offense, if you’re running a combo deck or a mill deck the life gain can be completely irrelevant. That’s why Swords was such a key element in the earliest Magic control decks.

The release date for Masters Edition IV is January 10, 2011. Some incredibly powerful cards from Magic’s past have been spoiled already, so ME4 drafts should be insane.

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  1. I don’t like [card]Swords to Plowshares[card]. I don’t like [card]Path to Exile[/card]. I’m mixed on [card]Comdemn[/card]. I don’t like white having uber-efficient permanent solutions to creatures. It doesn’t fit white’s flavor. If white is going to kill you’ll be standing, facing him, and armed. Otherwise they have more humane ways of dealing with you.

    They toss you in magical prisons like [card]Oblivion Ring[/card] or send you on a [card]Journey to Nowhere[/card]. back in the day they’d give you a lesson in [card]Pascifism[/card]. Flavor-wise none of these are death, but neither Swords nor Path are Death either, the difference is that mechanically these creatures are deader than dead. You can zombify or resurrect dead things, but those hit with path are extra dead. That’s not how White deals with creatures, generally. They’ll impede your army in ways that can be fixed, but in combat you’re fair game. I know that White has an odd slice of color pie that seems to be made entirely of 2 CC creatures, but it doesn’t need the most efficient kill spells. It’s not supposed to be Team Kill, That’s what Black and red are for, those uncivilized colors.

  2. That art for STP is in MTGO already. In the form of a MOPR Tier 6 (foil Tier 7) promo released on Dec-09.

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