Mirrodin Besieged Helps, Screws with Elves Deck

If you play constructed Magic, new set releases are both exciting and terrifying. You’re excited when a card is unveiled that makes the deck you’ve been using a hundred times better. You’re terrified because…

…there’s bound to be a card that just destroys it.

There’s more upside than downside here, of course. Lead the Stampede is freaking amazing in the standard elf deck. It’s much, much better than [card]Genesis Wave[/card], whose drawbacks in elves I’ve already outlined. The creature density in the elves deck means that, on average, Lead the Stampede is going to hit more than two creatures (2.4, to be exact). The ability to partly refill your hand mid-to-late game makes elves so much easier to play. I think Lead the Stampede is 3-of, maybe a 4-of. Probably a 4-of, though I don’t know what to take out for it. It will really let you focus on blitzing with all possible elves early game, knowing you have a good shot at bouncing back later if they all get wiped out.

But then there’s Black Sun’s Zenith. It’s better than [card]Consume the Meek[/card] vs. elves, since it gets around Ezuri’s regeneration and the indestructability provided by [card]Eldrazi Monument[/card]. In other words, oh $@#&.

The saving grace is that it might not get played a lot. There’s a chance it’s going to show up in the sideboards of UB control decks, or it’s so good that it’s going to drive a lot more players to monoblack control. But maybe not? I hope? Eh…I have a bad feeling about this.

One thing I do know for sure — they’re both going into the Cube.

3 Responses to Mirrodin Besieged Helps, Screws with Elves Deck

  1. HOLY CRAP. They totally ripped that card off from by Plague Star card for the counters deck.



  2. Plague Star
    Each creature on the battlefield gets -1/-1 until end of turn for each Star counter on that creature
    Shuffle Plague Star into your library. Only do this at the beginning of your upkeep and if Plague Star is in your graveyard.

    That is the card we came up with. Almost the exact same thing!

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