Avenging Painbringers — Minions That Hit Like Avengers

The Avenger class in 4E has some interesting abilities that aren’t mirrored in the stat blocks of any creatures found in the Monster Manual. These Avenging Painbringers are Paragon-level skirmishers sure to be more of a thorn in the PCs’ sides than your typical minions.

Avenging painbringers, at first glance, seem to be hooded and cloaked humanoids wielding a radiant blade. However, peering into the hood shows them to be amorphous beings of radiant light.

Created by Torog using the divine sparks of victims who expired during torture, they are efficient guardians and relentless harriers that the god puts to use in most of his torture dens. Too valuable to scatter around the Underdark, Torog keeps them close to the dens, preferring to use Wrackspawn and the like to exert his will on other areas of the Deeps. Avenging painbringers have a unique persistence endowed upon them by their close proximity to the god’s power centers. One only knows an avenging painbringer is defeated when the radiant spark burns away the cloak and hood that conceal it, leaving nothing but smoke and ash.

Originally, I had the Painwrought Resurgence power recharge on a 6. I’ve increased the likelihood based on the fact that most creatures have a chance to recharge their powers several times during a fight. Since a failure means the power is gone with no more opportunity to recharge, I upped the odds. We’ll see how it works in our next adventure.

5 Responses to Avenging Painbringers — Minions That Hit Like Avengers

  1. Where did you get that picture ed? Sweet.

    Gavin, as a technical matter, on the resurgence, the effect should probably be ‘no action’ rather than a free action because a free action still has to be spent and most creatures are unconscious at 0 HP.

    Otherwise I can’t really evaluate them ‘cuz they were mostly beatin’ up on Eric, while Ed and I handled the golem thingy (can’t remember what it was specifically).

  2. Yes. I actually followed up an email to Ed about that. The Monster Builder would not let me change that “Free” into a “No Action” for some reason.

    I know how the rules work… apparently the Monster Builder doesn’t!

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to add the note. Sorry.

    The pic is from…some random 4E book. Wizards has galleries of pretty much every piece of art from every book they release on their site. Took a while to find one that kind of fit.

  4. I think the only reason I managed to survive fighting those guys was Darkspiral Aura. They were hitting hard, and I was rollin’ bad. Though it really makes me wish you could choose how much Darkspiral Aura you use at once. That would pretty much make it ideal for dealing with minions without using a standard action.

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