Miniature of the Week — Cardstock Minis from Super Genius Games

April 4th, 2011 by Ed Grabianowski

This week’s MotW comes courtesy of Super Genius Games, showing that minis can come in many forms and fit many budgets. For just a few bucks, plus the price of some ink and paper, these papercraft cardstock minis can bring some three-dimensional color to your RPG battlefield.

The minis in the gallery below come from three different SGG products: Cardstock Miniatures: Giants—Large and In Charge, Cardstock Miniatures: Undead—Grave Threats, and PaperCraft Legions: Titanic Clash!

This is the professional division for Miniature of the Week, in which we feature a gallery of minis by a specific manufacturer or retailer. We didn’t have any entrants into the amateur division this week. To have your minis featured on MotW, go here for all the information.

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3 Responses to “Miniature of the Week — Cardstock Minis from Super Genius Games”

  1. Comment by Ryk Perry

    These remind me of the card-stock minis that came with I.C.E.’s MERP boxed set. I really loved that game.

  2. Comment by Nephelim

    Not too impressed with the artwork, honestly. The ones that Claudio Pozas did for 4th ed are, with all due respect, better. Of course, they are TOKENS, not standees, so there is that… They do have a retro feel to them, I’ll grant.

  3. Comment by kaosdevice

    I like paper minis (and terrain! Check out Fat Dragon or WorldWorks for some nifty stuff). I just wish they had modern minis & flats.