Miniature of the Week — Massive Miniature Industrial Complex

This week’s MotW might make you question the veracity of the word “miniature” in this context. Courtesy of Robot Viking contributor Billy Gibbs is this insanely elaborate model of some kind of industrial structure. This is what happens when engineering students play RPGs.

Billy explains the origins of this marvel:

Ok, I’m not sure how miniature this is, but it’s a pretty good story. In the days before Computer Aided Design programs were widespread Engineers would build scale models of structures in order to get a 3-d view of the project. My university had two such models that were used as demonstrations long before I was even considering the school, and they’ve just been taking up space since. Orders came down from on high for them to disappear. The engineering department tried to give them to other universities, but no one wanted them. They tried to give them to museums, but no one wanted them. They decided they would have to throw them out. Well, I’d been eying them since I’d toured the school, and a buddy of mine managed to save one for use with our gaming group. So we wheeled them from the Engineering building to the house where we play, and an epic Shadowrun adventure was born.

Our minis are ridiculously varied and often bear no resemblance to the characters they represent, but I think these pics should give you the scale of what we were playing on. The team was hired to steal a chemical weapon out of an industrial site, and they pulled it off without firing a shot. Truly well done. More importantly we had a giant model to play on.

Next time you use the word “epic” to describe something your gaming group did, stop and think about this, and seriously consider using a different word.

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8 Responses to Miniature of the Week — Massive Miniature Industrial Complex

  1. Very Cool. But what are you going to do with it afterwards? “Oh crap, Bob’s running. Not another industrial plant.” Though if you have any FLGS nearby that run WH40k they might like it.

  2. Honestly, another guy in the group is planning to take it for use in his summer campaign, and then we’ll likely use it to try to figure out how to play Necromunda before we find it a home. I just have no idea how to get it to our FLGS intact, it’s huge and so old that any vibration causes stuff to fall off. I’m thinking I’ll talk to a couple of the local ones, see if they’re interested and move from there. I don’t know where i’ll end up, but it’s so perfect for Necromunda.

  3. The party’s mage has compalined that he didn’t get a photo credit. I would like to post this as apology.

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