Wizkids Works with Paizo for Painted Plastic Pathfinder Minis

Fans of prepainted plastic miniatures took a hit last year when Wizards of the Coast dropped their D&D minis line, replacing it with pogs. Paizo and Wizkids are the latest to step into that void with a newly announced line of ready-to-run minis.

Wizkids made their mark with the innovative Mage Knight collectible minis game, so they have experience creating prepainted plastic fantasy figures. The new minis will be a fixed set (no randomness, no collecting) that comes separate from other Paizo products. It’s a Wizkids product produced under license from Paizo. The price point and figure list haven’t been nailed down, but the release is scheduled for October of 2011.

The figure at left, which is likely a paint master, looks incredible. The retail version will almost certainly not be that carefully painted, but it’s a very cool sculpt (great job with the layered cloth). The line is intended to showcase Pathfinder’s iconic characters. It also does not replace Reaper’s line of metal Pathfinder minis (they also make their own line of prepainted plastic fantasy figures, by the way), and the Wizkids minis use all new sculpts.

This is good news for gamers in general — even if you don’t play Pathfinder, a new source of prepainted minis is more than welcome and will definitely find a home in our groups mini collection.

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    This sounds like what I wanted Wizards to do with their minis. Screw the Martial Power Box, I don’t have a party of three fighters. I want a generic adventuring party box with a handful of stereotypes of different classes. Heck, have different party boxes, with different, but identifiable models for the classes. This seems like the ideal thing for players, at least.

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