The 2011 Magic Online Community Cup is Underway

Right around this time last year I was in Washington visiting Wizards of the Coast HQ as their guest and competitor in the Magic Online Community Cup. This year, Wizards is giving a whole new batch of players, forum members and website owners a chance to live the dream.

My experiences at the Community Cup last year were among the best things that ever happened to me — as a whole, it’s probably top five, lifetime. I love thinking that this year’s crew is getting that same feeling right now! You can meet all the members of the community team here: some podcasters, helpful forum folks, website writers, a frag doll and even a pro tour ringer or two.

If you want to follow along their adventures this week, look for the #mtgocc tag on Twitter. You can even watch the matches in progress on Magic Online — here’s the schedule. The team has already had dinner with the WotC folks, gone on a duck boat tour of Seattle, and received the first of what will be much swag.

It’s not just all about fun and games though (actually, it really is…). In any case, they’re playing for the Erik Friborg Memorial Cup, pictured above. If they win, all Magic Online players who log in this week will get to enter a free Planeswalker format constructed tournament and get some free packs. If they lose, we’ll get a [card]Darksteel Relic[/card] promo card.

Good luck community team!