Brazer Bulletin — My Take on the 2011 Ennies Nominees

Its that time of year again. Summer is nice and warm. Everyone is getting ready for a convention or two, and the Ennies Nominations are announced. This year there are some nominees that I am really excited for. Here are some of the highlights.

First I want to say congratulations to the crews behind, Obsidian Portal, Critical Hits, Flagons and Dragons Podcast and Chronicles: Pathfinder Podcast. Each and every one of you have excellent websites/podcasts and all your hard work and dedication really shows. Keep it up and good luck to each of you.

So onto the various nominees. I would like to say that I am most excited for Super Genius Games and Alluria Publishing for their 3rd party Pathfinder nominations. There are not a lot of people that know about third party Pathfinder products and plenty others think of the third party material as less balanced or not well written/edited/etc. I hope these chaps win an Ennie if for no other reason that it will help raise both awareness of third party publishers as well as help to legitimize us as well written and balanced material. Best of luck to you.

After having been one booth away from Fred Hicks and the Evil Hat crew at Origins last year, I can honestly say that the whole gang are awesome people and that Dresden Files RPG are two awesome books. A lot of hard work and love went into them.

HeroLab has made my game a TON easier. The program is really well put together. I hope to see their work honored with an Ennie.

A few books that I wanted to buy but never got around to it: Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Legends of Anglerre, DC Adventures, and the Laundry. I wish each of these well.

Last is the juggernaut: Paizo. Tied with Evil Hat at 10 nominations each, they beat out all the competition. Their Pathfinder RPG appears to be a hit with both fans as well as Ennies Judges. I am quite certain they will do well.

To these and every last nominee, I wish you all the best. Maybe next year one of my books will be nominated and somone will be wishing me luck. May the force with you all.

Until Next Time, Keep Gaming.

Dale McCoy is President ofJon Brazer Enterprises.TheBook of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference to Kingdom Buildingis available at game stores worldwide. Order your copy today from your local game store.