Mail Call: Ikusa Makes Shogun All Shiny and New

Some interesting things arrived recently in the mail here at Robot Viking headquarters.

First of all, Wizards of the Coast imprint Avalon Hill has released an updated version of the classic epic board game Shogun called Ikusa. I didn’t even know this was coming out until I opened the box and had it sitting here in my hands. The PR folks also sent along that cool samurai sword and display stand — you can even unsheathe the sword to reveal an actual metal blade! I don’t let that sort of thing color my reviews, but I do think it’s pretty neat. I’ll have a full review as soon as I can gather the local Vikings for a playtest.

[I really hope Wizards makes Innistrad promo lunch boxes like they did for Scars of Mirrodin. Because WANT!]

I also got a large stack of printed dungeon tiles under the title “Mega Dungeon 1″ from Gaming Paper. There are many different kinds of gamers, but I don’t know any kinds that don’t get excited when they see the words “Mega” and “Dungeon” used in combination. To make it even more insanely awesome, there’s an accompanying pdf called “All Stars Take on the Mega Dungeon.” Within those pages, a bunch of nobodies with names like Ed Greenwood and Monte Cook use the aforementioned dungeon tiles to craft full dungeon crawl adventures. Wipe the drool from your chin and prepare for a review later this week.

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  1. Wonder if that’s the same Mega Dungeon map thing that I bought. Mine didn’t come with an adventure book though. That is definitely pretty cool. I imagine they are 3.5/Pathfinder though, right?

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