Dungeon Crawler Creator Starts Mini Line

Gifted Vision, the company that produces the Dungeon Crawler card game (formerly collectible, now expandable) is introducing a miniatures line. We’ve got an exclusive preview of some paint masters of one of the minis.

The new minis line will feature prepainted, molded plastic minis. In the photo above you can see the Grapplers, horrible shadowy tentacles reaching up to devour some other hapless mini (pictured for scale and comparison).

I don’t have much other info about the minis, and of course since the Grapplers are all black, we don’t have much of a feel for the paint quality. You can never judge the retail product by paint masters in any case, because the masters always look amazing. I think maybe a hint of green here and there might make these stand out more, but I like the sculpt — this is the kind of mini I could have used countless times to depict a creature reaching through a portal, an underwater monstrosity or even a weird trap.

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