Robot Viking Holiday Gift Guide: D&D Dragon Collector’s Set

Too early for a holiday gift guide? Hey, I didn’t say what holiday. Maybe this set of five pre-painted dragon minis would make a perfect belated Halloween gift for that special someone.

The set comes in a deluxe box with a nice cover that folds out to reveal all five dragons. They reside in plastic bubbles, and the whole box could be easily used just like this, as a display for your dragons.

You get one each of the five evil chromatic dragon types, and not much else. There’s a stat card for each dragon, all of them young, ranging in level from three to seven. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a map of a dragon’s lair or even a couple of encounters to use with these bad lizards.

They’re nice minis though, with great details in the sculptures and premium paint jobs.

The retail price of $44.99 seems a little steep, but in the original random mini sets, these were mostly rares, so buying them as singles today would surely set you back more than that. Plus, savvy shoppers can find them below retail. And really, this is a perfect gift set for the gamer in your family.

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