Brazer Bulletin — Holiday Reading

Thanksgiving is this week and I’m leaving soon for a long weekend with my family. In my down time, I plan on doing some reading. I thought I would share with you the Jon Brazer Enterpises Thanksgiving reading list.

First up, I will be continuing my long standing tradition of reading to my daughter. She is old enough where she can read some as well. So we’re moving away from tales of fairy princesses and more towards Dr. Seuss. Last month she read Wocket in my Pocket to me just fine. After Thanksgiving, we’re going to try How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I know she saw the cartoon, but this way now she can read the book and see how they are different and the same. That is going to be her bedtime story.

Next up is a bedtime story I’ll be reading to my girlfriend. We’re currently working on Dresden Files: Side Jobs. It’s a collection of short stories throughout the Dresdenverse that take place between the different books. We figure we can knock out one tale everyday. After finishing up Changes, we started in on Side Jobs right away and skipped to the short story Aftermath, which takes place about an hour after the end of Changes. We devoured that story in a matter of days. Oh, Dresden, we are not sure what we’ll do once we finish Ghost Story until Cold Days comes out.

Third, I plan to do some reading for my own pleasure. I tried reading Steven King’s The Gunslinger not long ago. I got through about 50 pages and gave up. It just didn’t grab me. I’m considering Sherlock Holmes, but I am not quite sure yet. Maybe I’ll reread Ender’s Game. We’ll see.

After that, I have more research reading to do. I’m working to incorporate some Wizard of Oz elements into my Shadowsfall setting that will be released next year. To hit the proper note, I will be reading the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Sure the old movie is good, but it just is not dark enough for what I want to do. Additionally, I want to go over Paizo’s Word of Power system from Ultimate Magic with a fine tooth comb. I am considering doing a Word of Power Revised and I really need to see exactly which parts need ironed out. I have my opinion, but I want to see others as well.

Last up, I want to read 4 Wind’s PDF titled Aasimars, Tieflings, and Elemental Templates. I picked this up not long ago but haven’t had the chance to really delve into it yet. I’m hoping I get the chance over the long holiday.

I hope you enjoy the week and have a good holiday season.

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