Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Expansion Gazes Fondly at Ravnica of Old

The first expansion for the 2013 edition of Duels of the Planeswalkers came out this week. It adds five new decks and a ton of cards from the original Ravnica block to the casual video game version of Magic: the Gathering.

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X-COM: Enemy Unknown Preview from Pax

While at PAX I got a chance to be hands-on with the new X-COM: Enemy Unknown. It’s brilliant. Those of you who remember how hardcore difficult the original series was will find the same difficulty here, but now there’s a tutorial, so folks who’ve lost the manual (me) can actually play it without constantly alt-tabbing to Google. That’s nice.

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Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue Casts Edition Aside for Pure Lore

The bell tolls for thee, 4E. A lot of people have wondered what kind of D&D books will be released in 2013 if the D&D Next playtest is going to take two years. Menzoberranzan answers that question — edition-neutral books packed with fluffy lore and epic (p)ages of fictional history. That gives D&D fans a lot to look forward to.

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Thunderstone Advance Improves on a Richly Themed Deckbuilding Dungeon Delve

Have I mentioned that deckbuilding games are a big thing these days? One of the earliest entries in the genre, AEG’s Thunderstone, received a major overhaul and was rereleased as Thunderstone Advance earlier this year. Despite the awkward syntax of the name, it’s a great game that lets you visit a town to recruit an adventuring party and buy gear, then delve into a dungeon to battle a shifting array of monsters.

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Timber Peak Sets the Zombies on Fire

Last Night on Earth’s latest expansion, Timber Peak, is a standalone game that adds new scenarios, characters, and chaos to the endless struggle between the humans and the zombies. You thought you could escape town and head for a remote mountaintop to get away from the walking dead? You were wrong.

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My Overview of the D&D Keynote and Forgotten Realms Changes, at io9

I was able to attend the D&D keynote address at Gen Con, talk with Mike Mearls about D&D for over an hour and play some D&D Next with him as the DM, and interview brand manager Laura Tommervik about Rise of the Underdark. I’ve gathered up all that info into one feature article that just went up at io9.com. Check it out!