D&D Online Links Eberron to Forgotten Realms Via Underdark

Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) has been free to play for more than two years now. Rather than a death knell, the end of monthly subscriber fees in 2009 turned out to be a brilliant decision that boosted the number of users and increased profits. How well are things going for DDO? They just announced a massive new expansion that takes players to the Forgotten Realms.

The current DDO world is Eberron. The 2012 expansion, which will require an initial purchase, will introduce adventures in the Underdark. The primary villains will be the drow and their dark deity, Lolth. Apparently, Lolth’s foul plans opened a link between Eberron and the Forgotten Realms, because players will also get to play in a village in Cormyr, with plans to expand the Realms from there.

In addition to a huge new area to explore, the expansion will raise the level cap to 25 (pretty epic). A new class will be introduced, too — the long-awaited druid.

There’s a bit more info and some cool graphics over at the official Menace of the Underdark site. There’s a bit more info over at gamesradar, as well.

6 Responses to D&D Online Links Eberron to Forgotten Realms Via Underdark

  1. Why do people like Forgotten Realms so much? I’ve never understood the appeal, and when I ask I usually receive nothing but bile as a response.

  2. I think it has to do with inertia. I have to say I really liked FR when it first came out in 1st edition. Waterdeep and undermountain are still some of my favorite places, but with all of the catastrophic changes that they wrought for each new edition, its like a totally new animal each time. Also keep in mind that the previous game world was greyhawk. I found FR to be head and shoulders above greyhawk though of course I was like 14 when FR came out so my frame of reference was a bit more limited than it is today.

  3. I know almost nothing about greyhawk since it seems to have been replaced by FR as the default long before I paid attention to D&D. It just seems way too “High Magic” for my taste.

  4. I love Eberron, I can deal with the Forgotten Realms, but I can’t understand why the Greyhawk fans are so rabid. Greyhawk seems so randomly stitched together.

  5. Probably because it was Gygax’s own world. The only real interaction I ever had with it was when we played published adventures set in Greyhawk. TOEE comes to mind. Still a favorite, but I never really got into the wider world.

  6. I was always a Dragonlance guy. The mythology and characters really spoke to me. I’m still in love with Alhana Starbreeze, and Sturm Brightblade remains one of my favorite fictional characters, even though he was pretty one-dimensional when you think about it. I couldn’t cope with the whole New Age/War of Souls changes they put in for 3rd edition though. Thought it was pretty lame and turned me off from the series from that point on. I’ll still go back and thumb through the Chronicles or Legends trilogies from time to time regardless. I have a copy of The Legend of Huma somewhere that I read every few years, too.

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