What if Dungeons & Dragons was a Metal Band?

What would the world be like if D&D was a metal band instead of a game? Over at Jeff’s Gameblog, Jeff spends some time talking about Dungeons & Dragons, how he discovered it, what it meant to him and his friends as a kid, and how he feels about the changes through the years. Except in Jeff’s world, D&D isn’t the RPG we all know and love, it’s a metal band. He uses this clever “Behind the Music” angle to comment on the various editions.

By 1999 I was old enough to feel nostalgia for the good ol’ days, so the release of Third Time’s the Charm was welcome.  It wasn’t the smack in the face of Diabolical Advances or Back to Basics, but it had an interesting sound of its own.  The punkish “Behold the Icons” and the utterly inexplicable “Attack of Opportunity” were pretty grating, but I really enjoyed most of the rest of the songs on this one.

Definitely visit Jeff’s Gameblog and read the rest. I just wish I’d thought of it first, because it’s brilliant!