This is What Playing D&D Looked Like in 1981

In the 1980s, there wasn’t a video camera in every phone, or a hi-def pocket camera in every household. That makes this Super 8 footage of some kids playing D&D in New Hampshire in 1981 pretty rare.

The film was shot by Ethan Gilsdorf, and he posted it at Wired’s Geekdad earlier this week. There’s some pretty classic stuff for the sharp-eyed: check out those lame dice — we’re so spoiled today by our marble blend dragon’s blood emerald inlaid premium dice sets. The ancient Mountain Dew can reveals that the “gamers drink Dew” trope is not new. They also appear to be drinking Tang out of paper cups.

Some things never change, though. Playing D&D is still about getting together with friends. And no matter how they try to fancy them up, something about those grid maps will always call to us gamers.