Iron GM Ramps Up for a Big Year Starting with TotalCon

You guys know I’m a huge fan of Iron GM, a form of competitive RPGing in which DMs use secret story ingredients to wow their players in hopes of winning a truckload of prizes and a trip to Gen Con, and ultimately the Iron GM World Championship. Their 2012 schedule is just getting underway.There’s a lot going on in Iron GM-land. They’ve got their first competition of the year at New England’s TotalCon this coming weekend. The winning GM will get a bunch of prizes, including a trip to Gen Con to compete in the finals. Even the players will get a truckload of swag just for participating.

(There’s a North American Catan Championship Pre-Qualifier at TotalCon — the winner of that will get a trip to Gen Con too, fyi).

Meanwhile, the Iron GM website has been spruced up, with all kinds of info for GMs, players and cons that want to host an event. They just put up the 5th episode of the Iron GM podcast too, which has inside info on TotalCon, tips on earning a perfect Iron GM score from last year’s champion, and a great interview with Paizo lead designer Jason Bulmahn.

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