New D&D Website, New D&D Gear

Wizards of the Coast has been doing some work on the D&D website lately, hopefully making it easier to navigate and use. There’s some interesting new D&D swag up for purchase too.

WotC is known for having confusing websites with the information you’re looking for buried out in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Seriously, go to the Magic site and try to find the release date of the next set in less than 47 clicks. Is it under Multiverse? Daily MTG? Trading Card Game?

Hopefully things are looking up. The D&D site has been redesigned. Now, it shows off current and upcoming releases, and a reasonably clear set of menus at the top of the screen will lead you where you want to go via drop-down menus. It’s definitely a big improvement. There’s also a page dedicated to D&D Next (I hate that name. Can we all just agree to call it 5E?), where you can sign up for the upcoming open playtest, and where materials for said playtest will be dispersed.

The thing that really caught my eye, though, is the licensed merch page. The D&D branded leather goods are just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Just picture a dude in a metal band wearing leather bracers with the At-Will attack symbol on them. Or someone walking into a bar sporting a massive D&D belt buckle. Dude. On the other hand, those iPhone cases are pretty boss, and I like the t-shirt selection too. MindFlayer, ThoughtSlayer!

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  1. On one of their licensed merc sites, I found a t-shirt that simply said “DWARF WIZARD” for over $30. That’s a hefty price to pay for something that would likely be misinterpreted as a Harry Potter reference. Considering making my own, but again with the Harry Potter thing. I think he might have ruined wizards for everyone.

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