Something Stirs at the Baldur’s Gate Site

Apparently it’s a day for teasers, as word has spread around the internet of a restless website stirring from its age-long slumber. Will the Children of Bhaal stride across the Forgotten Realms once again?

There’s actual little to see at aside from the image above, although you do get to hear some familiarly epic music. Digging into the site’s source code has revealed some odd (and frequently changing) clues, however. According to, it says:

February 28, 2012
Shadowy Figure- Raise Dead : Infinity Engine

For years, I clung to the memory of it. Then the memory of the memory.

And then… it returned. Better than it was before.

There’s a lot more rumor milling going on, plus the odd bit of investigative digging. Beefjack seems to have collected all the relevant info, so there’s no sense in repeating here. In a nutshell, no one knows what it will be. Rereleases of the original games? A new game? A Facebook game? A fan project? Time will tell.

One odd thing I did manage to dig up myself: the BioWare website does have a page set aside for Baldur’s Gate. The url is  However, it only shows the BioWare front page.

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  1. Not one, but two scoops about sweet and (potentially) sweet games? Take my money now! Maybe its the opening of a LARP themed Throne of Baal Hot Topic. Super niche!

  2. Torment. Way better setting and so much more fun to explore. Disclaimer: I dislike Forgotten Realms.

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