D&D Heavy Metal Shirt, Wicked Cool Leather Armor, and Funny Cartoon Gaming Advice

It’s deadline day, so instead of the voluminous review I had planned for today, here’s a grab bag of gaming odds and ends from across the internet. You’ll get your daily dose of metal and leather, plus find out how to punish gamers who don’t pay attention at the table.

First up, one of the companies that’s been licensed to produce D&D merch has a pretty sweet t-shirt design. It features everyone’s favorite demilich Acererak (of Tomb of Horrors fame). Except this time, old Ace isn’t just building a dungeon — he’s fronting a band. He named it after himself, Dokken style. The first album is called “Life’s a Lich.” Buy one now, and pray that the Acererak ’12 tour doesn’t come anywhere near your town.

Next up is this badass set of leather armor, handmade. Mike Linnemann (who works for Fantasy Flight Games) pointed it out on Twitter earlier, and we had a friendly debate over how practical and protective this armor would really be. He claimed chain mail would fill in the exposed areas, I suggested a gleaming metal gorget, and we both agreed that style was the primary concern in any case. You can see bigger photos of this armor and learn more about the maker at her DeviantArt page. Lots of other amazing leather armor designs.

Finally, we have “Let’s Roll with Cole,” a new weekly feature at PVP. I’ve been a fan of PVP for a long time, and the new feature has one of the comic’s characters, Cole, offering advice for DMs. It isn’t hardcore srs bsns gaming advice, but it’s pretty funny stuff. This week he had a D100 table to roll on when a player isn’t paying attention at the table. The results are various penalties to be carried out by said layabout. Examples include, “Give the DM your phone. DM can answer any incoming calls as, ‘Hell, Doucher McSpadden’s phone,’ for the duration of the game,” and, “Buy pizza for everyone immediately. You do NOT get to pick toppings.” Head on over for a look, and a printable pdf version.

That’s all for now, Vikings. Have an awesome weekend.

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