100 Random Inn & Tavern Names

The D100 tables return! Next time your adventurers visit a new town and you ask the DM what inns they might stay at, you’ll never again hear, “Uh, there’s uh…Bob’s…Inn? And, uh…another place that’s not as nice as Bob’s.” A quick roll of a pair of D10s and you’ll have a place name ready to go.

I designed this table much like the weather table, divided into four themes. So you can use it as a straight D100 table and get a totally random inn or tavern name. Or, if you’re looking for a certain kind of place (maybe the ultra-lawful city would never have bawdy places, or maybe the shady contact the PCs are meeting wouldn’t be caught dead in someplace cozy), you can select by theme. Simply roll D100 as usual, then slide over to the correct column for the theme you want. For example, if you want a bawdy tavern and you roll an 87, just slide over to the Leering Gnome.

You can use the image file below to see the table, or download the handy printable pdf version.

Click for full size.

Special thanks to the following folks on Twitter who contributed names to this table:


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  1. Another way to do this would be to create several tables that you roll on and combine the results. Have one table for nouns, another for verbs, another for adverbs and finally one for adjectives. Roll a d4 to determine how many tables you use with a minimum result of 2.

    I might have to work on that.

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