100 (and More) Random Character Names

April 27th, 2012 by Ed Grabianowski

Taking a cue from Gavin’s version of the variable inn and tavern name table, I put together this table with variable name parts. With a few random rolls, you can whip up an interesting character (or NPC) name on the fly.

There are 25 names parts in each column (which means you can’t really just roll d100 on this table, but be creative, or just reroll your d100 until you get something that’s 25 or less). Start with a first name, then add a noun and a verb for the surname. The honorific column is optional, and requires a bit of creativity to fit with the rest of the name.

Of course, this will generate very cliched fantasy names that follow the noun-verber pattern. Still, some of the combinations are unexpected and interesting, and make you ponder the nature of the character with such a weird name. There are some sci-fi terms sprinkled throughout, and an uneven mix of male, female and indeterminate first names. So if Xenon StarIgniter 4000 shows up in your low-magic D&D campaign, you might have some ‘splainin’ to do. Also, Queen Ivan Unicornlover.

You can also come up with oddball ideas by just using fewer columns. Swordosaurus! MegaButcher!

Click the table below for a full-size image, or download the printable pdf.

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4 Responses to “100 (and More) Random Character Names”

  1. Comment by Billy Gibbs


  2. Comment by Ed Grabianowski

    Sensei Mahasto Wolfpreacher laughs in Zeroth’s face.

  3. Comment by Gavin O'Brien

    I’ll get on that once I’m done with Anne the World Champion Bone-Jumper.

  4. Comment by Billy Gibbs

    Magistrate Adrazxe Fateclaimer has dominion over all souls who enter The Nether.