Weekly Game of Thrones Episode Writeups

No, I won’t be doing Game of Thrones episode writeups here at Robot Viking. But I can tell you where I am doing them, in case you’d like to check them out.

Long-time Robot Viking readers may know that I’m a freelance writer by trade. You can commonly find my work over at io9.com or at HowStuffWorks.com. I’ve also started doing post-episode recaps/writeups for Gothic.net.

I’m currently doing writeups for Game of Thrones. Here’s the latest episode, the Ghost of Harrenhal. I also did season two of Walking Dead — here’s an archive of all the TV stuff I’ve done at Gothic.net, so you can go back and check out the Walking Dead stuff if you’re interested.

If there’s interest, I could put a short post linking to each week’s writeup here at RV. That way we could discuss the episode in the comments here. Give me a yell in the comments if you think it’s a decent idea.

3 Responses to Weekly Game of Thrones Episode Writeups

  1. I’d be in for discussion here, I haven’t seen this episode yet, but when I get the chance I’ll post.

  2. So Amy and I have been watching ‘survivors’ recently on netflix, which has a virus that wiped out the population but didn’t create zombies. The thing that’s been most bugging the crap outta me is the lack of guns in that show. almost nobody thinks in terms of jeez better make sure we remember the gun. which is the other point. they usually just have the one gun
    . . .
    Why do I bring this up? I was just checking out your archive Ed and I saw a picture of the survivors in walking dead and they’re like all armed. heavily. with substantial weapons
    . . .
    and that remained me of something a colleague once told me. apparently the japanese actually took into consideration the well armed state of our nation when considering the possibility of invasion in WWII. evidently this was an argument against invading
    . . .
    which leads me to Red Dawn that well known documentary . . .

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